Pure Health® Mattress Memory Foam Layer

Wool Filled Cover
Memory Foam
Air Chamber

Our state-of-the-art mattress combines both the air mattress and memory foam mattress technologies into one incredible sleep surface to produce the world's most comfortable mattress. It can last three times as long as a spring mattress, and can cost thousands less than a Tempur-pedic® or the Sleep Number® Mattress.

You get the Sleep Number® and Tempur-pedic® in one incredible mattress at less than half the price!

Memory foam (also called "Visco-Elastic" foam) is polyurethane foam. It totally alleviates pressure points and stops all mattress movement. Therefore, any movement by a sleeping partner is undetectable. This foam was especially formulated by NASA to provide ultra comfort for astronauts during space travel.

No other foam has the unique properties of memory foam, which is heat sensitive. As it warms from your body's temperature, it molds to the exact shape of your body. It uniformly and completely supports your entire body on a cushion of foam cells, alleviating pressure points.

The Pure Health® Mattress has a 3" thick layer of memory foam, which, incidentally, is the same thickness used in the Tempur-pedic® mattress. A major difference in the Tempur-pedic® Mattress is that it does not have the adjustable air chambers that, when used in combination with the memory foam, provide the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Also, the Tempur-pedic® Mattress lacks the wool-filled cover that protects you from body heat build-up in the memory foam. (The Tempur-pedic® Mattress only has a very thin cover separating sleepers from the foam.)

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