Bedroom Organizer™
World's Best Underbed Dresser
Made in USASolid WoodLifetime Warranty
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You Can Put Three Large Dressers Under Any Bed
Left Side
 Dresser #1 
3 or 6 Large
Top Level
is Optional
Use Any
 Dresser #2 
2 or 4 Giant
4-1/2' Long Drawers
Drawers are Optional
(Can be open storage)
Right Side
 Dresser #3 
3 or 6 Large
Top Level
is Optional
Ball Bearing
drawer Slides
Pulls Out
4-1/2 Ft.
Oak or Pine
Made in USA
Lifetime Warranty

The Easiest, Quickest, Most Economical
Way to Add Storage to a Home!

The 16-drawer Bedroom Organizer™ shown below is equivalent to three large dressers! The side drawers pull completely out of the dresser on ball-bearing drawer slides for easy loading. Also, the drawers are much deeper than standard dressers. They hold stacks and stacks of clothing. The optional end drawers (pull out 4-1/2 feet) hold long, bulky, odd shaped items that are difficult to store, such as pillows, blankets, shoes, wrapping supplies, bedding, guns, sporting equipment, etc.
6 Large

 Dresser #1 
6 Large

 Dresser #3 
4 Long Giant
End Drawers
 Dresser #2 
2 Levels
2 Levels
Pull Out
4-1/2 Feet
16 Large Drawers
hold everything!
You won't need
free-standing dressers.
Save money and space
Three Large Dressers
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Bedroom Organizer™
By far the best way to support any mattress

Consider this: The price of our basic, solid wood (pine), full, queen or king size, 6-drawer Bedroom Organizer.($398) with platform ($99) can be yours essentially FREE when you take into consideration that you will be eliminating the cost (average $350) of the box spring and bed frame forever. This can amount to an accumulation of $2000 - $3000 in your lifetime (because on average, mattresses are purchased every 7 years). Also, you can eliminate the cost of two free-standing wall dressers (average cost $600 each)

As you can see, the Bedroom Organizer™ can more than pay for itself in savings. In fact, you can potentially save hundreds more than the cost of the entire Ultimate Bed™ and Pure Health® Mattress. (To see mattress, scroll down)
6 Drawer Dresser
12 Drawer Dresser
Attach Any
End Drawers

Can Have
up to four
4-1/2 Foot Long
End Drawers
6 Drawer Dresser
Eliminates Frame
Use With or
Box Spring

Use Any
With Underbed
12 Drawer Dresser
Box Spring & Frame
The Easiest Way to Add Storage to Your Bedrooms


Solid wood underbed dresser converts wasted space under any bed to convenient storage. It's dust proof, thus ending routine underbed cleaning - forever! Replaces bed frame, or both bed frame and box spring. Fits under any bed. Large (6" X 17" X 19") drawers have precision ball bearing drawer slides. A long center storage area at the foot of the bed can hold up to 4 "optional" 4-1/2 foot long end drawers. Any headboard can be attached. All exterior parts are solid wood (pine or oak). Underbed dressers are far stronger and more rigid than steel bed frames, totally eliminating bed dishing or sagging. Universal design fits with all bed styles. Recessed for toe space at sides and end. 6 drawer dresser is 9" high X 74" long. 12-drawer dresser is 18" high X 74" long. Width adjusts to fit full, queen, or king size beds. Assembly required. Superior Quality. Made in USA. Lifetime Warranty. In a hurry? Get a Quote

Bedroom Organizer
Construction Details
One Size Fits All Bed Sizes
6 Drawer Dresser
(Without Platform Top)
12 Drawer Dresser
(Without Platform Top)
Adjusts to
Fit F, Q, K
Underbed Dresser
Note: Shown without
solid platform top
Full Length Storage
(Fit optional End Drawers)
  1. Exterior: All exterior parts are solid Oak or Pine
  2. Internal Parts: Premium Grade Panels
  3. Construction: All Screwed, extra strong Tongue & groove joints
  4. Drawer Parts: Finely Sanded 3/4" Solid wood.
  5. Drawer Bottoms: Smooth Hardboard [Cedar Bottom Inserts Available]
  6. Drawer Slide: Precision, full extension Ball Bearing 75 lb. Capacity
  7. Hinges: Self closing
  8. Center Supports: Super-Strong Hardwood
  9. Finish: Honey or Walnut stain, or Finely Sanded, Ready-to-finish
  10. Compartment: Can be used as-is or fitted with End Drawers
Tools Required:
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure
Drawer Construction
All joints have 2 screws.
All screw holes are pre-drilled. Drawer parts are simply assembled into grooves, as shown, then fastened with screws.[Quick and Simple]
Typical Example of dresser's tongue & groove joints

Don't be Fooled      Low Price = Low Quality
CAUTION: Be aware of counterfeiters that have unlawfully copied our products, using pictures and written material to deceive you. They use inferior materials, such as vinyl covered fiberboard, and cheap euro drawer slides. They have very short return policies to prevent product returns, and have short warranties. They have no testimonials to show you. Dissatisfied customers are unable to return their products, due to short return time limits and high return freight and restocking charges. Also, they are not manufacturers. They have no factory. Most are importers. If you're making a large investment . . . don't be fooled. Our products are guaranteed to last your lifetime!

Pure Health®
The One Mattress Invented Purely to Improve Your Health
The Pure Health® Mattress has far more benefits, but costs
thousands less than beds such as the Number Bed® or Tempurpedic® Bed.
Optional Mattress Pad
Women - Get Rid of Hot Flashes!
cools or heats each side of mattress
Dust Mites
No Body
in Cover!
Wool Filled Top
is Removable
It's Like
Having Two
Top Alleviates
Mold, Mildew,
Germs &
Dust Mite
Continous Velcro
Strip Makes
Removing Simple
for Washing
Adjustable Air
control firmness
for each sleeper
(Like Sleep Number®)
Firm Foam Edges
provide support
for sitting
Thick Memory
Foam Layer
Pressure Points
(Like Tempurpedic®)
Platform Frame
Wool Filled
Cover is
Made in USA
  Scoliosis Headaches Asthma
For Anyone Sleep
Numbness Whiplash Back Pain
Deprived From:
Arthritis Rheumatism Stiffness
  Fibromyalgia Herniated Disc Injuries

We invented the Pure Health® Mattress with your health in mind. No other mattress offers as many benefits. It also costs thousands less than other mattresses that are less than comparable. Don't be fooled by the advertising of the brand name mattresses, such Tempurpedic® and Sleep Number®, that cause you to pay hundreds of dollars to share their annual advertising cost of over 100 million dollars. Make a comparison and read testimonials before you spend your hard-earned money! In a hurry? Get a Quote
Compare Before You Buy
Matress Comparisons Bed Base Comparisons
Brand Name Our Ratings Size Average Cost Unique Benefits Warranty Period Benefits Strength
Pure Health® Best by Far King $1999 10 Lifetime! 20 Super Strong
Tempurpedic® Fair King $4433 None Limited None Poor
Number Bed® Fair King $5067 None Limited None Poor
Spring Bed Low King Not Known None Limited None Poor

Mattresses aren't as
comfortable as they appear
Don't Be Fooled by a Sales Person!

Spring Mattresses When your body's shape presses down into a spring mattress, painful pressure points that can cause backaches, sore joints, headaches, numbness, stiffness and constant tossing and turning can be produced. Obviously, this "one mattress fits every sleeper" design can't work because every person is different!  

A spring mattress "one mattress fits every sleeper" design produces pressure points that cause constant tossing and turning.
Sleep Number® Type Air Mattresses
Air mattresses have adjustable firmness, but they do not adjust perfectly and evenly to a sleeper's shape like a memory foam mattress does. Therefore, they don't eliminate pressure points.

Air mattress elimates springs,
but does not elimate pressure points
Tempurpedic® Type Foam Mattresses
Memory foam layer is compressed against a firmer surface. This causes the memory foam to "thin out" at critical areas, causing pressure points. Also, its firmness cannot be adjusted for each sleeper like an air mattress can. It reduces, but does not eliminate pressure points.

A foam mattress, when compressed from a body's shape and weight. "condenses" (thins out), greatly reducing its comfort.
Pure Health® Combination Mattress
Our state-of-the-art mattress combines both the air mattress and memory foam mattress technologies into one incredible mattress to produce the world's most comfortable mattress. It can also sell for thousands less!
Best By Far!

Pure Health's® combination of memory foam and "adjustable air" are the perfect solution for Pure Health® comfort!

No other mattress has all the features of the Pure Health Mattress!

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