Don't Be Fooled By The Sleep Number® Bed
It has Far Less Benefits but is Nearly Double the Price!
Sleep Number® Bed
Price Range:
$1945 to $10,850

Average King Size: *

Mattress $4,169.98
Foundation $449.99
Legs $159.99
6% Sales Tax $286.80
Firmness Control
Has Limited Functions
50% of Number Beds
have no memory
or fast-fill feature
There Is
No Wool

Center Divider
Is Detectable
To Sleepers
Mattress Cover
Can't be

Held Together
by a

Air Chambers Have
Washboard Shape

Bed Legs
Give Limited Support
Dusty, Wasted Space
Cost $160!
Slides on
Totally Wasted Space
Accumulates Dust!
Hard to Clean Under Bed!
Very Little

No Memory Foam!
in Sleep Number® Beds
Costing less than $4300!
Mattress Foundation W/Legs
Fabric Covered Plastic
Can Flex & Break
Huge Space-Waster
Cost $620!
*Check current Prices
What You Need To Know. Don't Be Fooled!
The Sleep Number® Bed advertising cost can amount to over 100 million dollars annually. The cost is tacked onto the cost of their mattresses. So, if you purchase a Sleep Number® Bed, you will be paying hundreds of dollars (about half its price) just for the advertising cost. That does nothing for you!

The main advertised feature of the Sleep Number® Bed is adjustable firmness. This feature is available on many air beds that cost hundreds less!

The Sleep Number® foundation and legs are huge space wasters that permit unhealthy dust to accumulate under the bed where it is impossible to remove. The legs provide only a small number of support points that allow the plastic foundation to flex and break. You pay up to $620 for a product that has less support, wastes valuable space and allows dust to collect under your bed - in our opinion, a very poor investment!

The Sleep Number® inflator controls only adjust in increments of 5 points, so they are not precise. They can also lack key functions, such as "memory" and "fast-fill".

Most importantly, Sleep Number® Beds that cost less than $4,300 do not have memory foam, which is critical for alleviating the pain-causing pressure points that disturb sleep.

Our Pure Health® Bed has far more benefits and none of the Number Bed® problems. It can also save more money than it costs!
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