Reasons To Buy The Bedroom Organizer™
1.Increases Drawer Storage
You can add the equivalent of 4 dressers to any bedroom without using any floor space by making use of the unused space under your beds.
2.It Pays For Itself
By eliminating free-standing dressers and box spring/frames which must be routinely replaced. Over time it saves more than it costs.
3.Creates New Space
It can eliminate the need for wall dressers, making room for a computer desk, T.V., reading chair, exerciser, or a larger bed.
4.Provides More Support
Bed frames normally have only about 5 square inches of floor contact, which can amount to over 100 pounds per square inch of force, per leg, on your floors. The Bedroom Organizer™ has about 175 inches of floor contact, which amounts to less than 3 pounds per square inch of force on your floors. Box springs `give out', due to the lack of bed frame support. The Bedroom Organizer™ base and platform provides far superior support and lasts for generations.
5.Improves Sleep Quality
Unlike the bed frame, which is far weaker, less rigid, and less stable, the Bedroom Organizer™ provides the solid support needed for undisturbed sleep. It really makes a big difference in the quality of sleep.
6.Gets Rid Of Dust
Conventional beds attract and trap huge amounts of dust under the bed. The Bedroom Organizer™ is completely sealed against dust.
7.Fits Any Bed
The Bedroom Organizer™ can be used under any existing beds (water beds, box spring beds, air beds). It's the easiest way to increase drawer storage.
8.Top Quality
Made of solid pine or oak. Tongue and groove joints. All screw construction. Precision drawer slides. Beautifully hand stained. Made to last for generations by craftsmen who care.
9.Saves Cleaning
Vacuuming under conventional beds is really impossible. The Bedroom Organizer™ is completely sealed there is no need to vacuum. Also, the side tables have no legs to obstruct vacuuming.
The dust that accumulates under conventional beds is very unhealthy, and becomes airborn when you move the covers of your bed and every time you enter, exit, or move on your bed. Most people are allergic to dust and dust mites.
11.Space Saving Headboards
Normally, bookshelf headboards require 10" of space at the head of the bed. Our headboards do not require any space. They also have beautiful indirect lighting.
12.Store Long Items
The unique 4½ foot long end drawer can store long items, such as guns, skis, wrapping paper, etc., and bulky items such as blankets and boots. Also excellent for ladies shoes. Each end drawer can store 20 pairs!
13.Extends Mattress Life
The solid platform fully supports the mattress and provides a wood frame edge that keeps your mattress in position and prevents the mattress edges from bowing out at the sides and ends, which makes the mattress look bad, and shortens its useful life span.
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