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Why the Pure Health® Mattress is Best for You
Why The Pure Health® Mattress is The Best For You
1. Adjustable Firmness
Its firmness adjusts independently, infinitely, and precisely for each sleeper. It's 2 -1/2 times more accurate than the Sleep Number Bed®. Also, it has a unique memory function. When you change the mattress firmness for various reasons, the control's memory function automatically and instantly returns the firmness to your `preset' most comfortable firmness setting. No conventional mattresses have firmness adjustment.
2. No Pressure Points
It has 3" of temperature-sensitive, pressure releiving memory foam that totally eleviates painful pressure points that cause tossing and turning during sleep. You will rarely (most likely never) move during sleep.
3. No Disturbances
You will never detect any sleep disturbing movements of your sleeping partner. For example, even if you were lying wide awake, but with your eyes closed, you would not detect your partner leaving or entering the bed. Normally, sleeping partners are continually disturbing each other during the night. That doesn't happen on our bed.
4. Machine Washable
The mattress's top cover can be simply removed and machine washed to keep it fresh and clean. Conventional mattresses can't be cleaned. Think about it; would you be willing to wear the same clothes for 10 years without ever washing them?
5. Wool Filling
Its top is filled with wool, which, due to its high cost, is rarely found in other mattresses, even though it is highly desirable. For example, wool is up to 10 times more insulating as other mattress fibers. Wool's fibers are soft and springy too, so they easily conform perfectly to your body's shape, smoothing out pressure points, and thus improving poor blood circulation which is the cause of numbness. And, because wool can absorb up to 1/3 of its own weight in moisture and yet not feel damp, (on average, a person perspires 1 cup of fluid during sleep each night), it will continually draw moisture away from your body all night long, keeping you (and your sheets) cool and dry on hot, muggy, summer nights! During wintery nights, you can keep the bedroom thermostat set low for easy breathing because wool will then keep you cozy warm as it traps and holds your own body heat. Wool is truly the insulating miracle of creation. That's why desert dwellers wear woolen clothing. It keeps them cool and dry during the hot, burning days, yet warm during the cold, frigid nights. No other product can offer you all the benefits of wool.
6. Adjustable Temperature
Each side of the Pure Health® Mattress can be heated or cooled with an optional thermostatically controlled mattress pad, providing ultimate comfort for both sleepers. Hot flashes and chills can be gone.
7. Dust Mite Control
Dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungus will not build up in our mattress because it is antimicrobial treated (and machine washable). Wool is naturally non-allergenic. Other mattresses cannot be cleaned, and therefore are not healthy to sleep on. It is estimated that 70% of asthmatics are allergic to dust mites, and molds pose an even greater problem for allergists.
8. No Mattress Flipping
Our mattress is designed to go on a platform, and therefore it never needs to be flipped or rotated. It eliminates the box spring and its cost.
9. No Body Impressions
Our mattress never develops body impressions. This is a common problem with conventional mattresses which, unfortunately are not warranteed for body impressions that quickly develop. The impressions affect sleep and appearance of the bed when made up.
10. All Replaceable Parts
Unlike conventional mattress sets, which have to be periodically replaced, our mattress has inexpensive, replaceable parts, which can save you hundreds of dollars. Conventional mattresses have no replacable parts and are usually only sold in sets.
11. Easy To Make
Our mattress is much lighter and therefore easier to make than the extraordinarily heavy weight conventional mattresses of today.
12. Easy To Move
Our mattress is flexible, light, and can be moved easily in tight spots or up stairs, etc. Conventional mattresses are heavy, clumsy, difficult to bend, and their size prevents them from moving in tight spots.
13. Best Value Period!
Even the highest priced mattress sets, such as the `Deluxe Model' Tempurpedic® and Sleep Number® Bed, which sell for about $7,000 each can't compare! Our State-of-the-art, feature packed mattress is the most advanced mattress design in the world.
14. Longest Warrantee
We have the longest warrantee (21 years) in the industry because we have the best mattress. No other mattress compares.
15. 30 Day Trial
You can try our mattress in your home for 30 days. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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