Pure Health® Mattress

Examples of Benefits
1. The firmness of each side of the mattress is independently adjustable to fit the size, shape, and weight of each sleeper for correct spinal alignment and firmness. (not available in Tempurpedic™)
2. Our antimicrobial treated mattress top contains pure wool filling (optional), which permits air to circulate through the mattress. Wool also wicks up to 30% of its weight in moisture to keep bedding dry and comfortable for perspiring sleepers. (Not available in Tempurpedic™ or Number Bed™)
3. The mattress contains a 3" layer of state-of-the-art memory foam, which alleviates pressure points normally associated with conventional spring mattresses, thus bringing great relief to those suffering from conditions such as poor circulation, arthritis, back pain, stiffness, etc. (Not available in Number Bed™)
4. The mattress top is removable, machine washable, and antimicrobial treated (optional) to aid those who suffer from allergies and sickness, such as asthma, by eliminating the dust mites. Other mattresses can't do this! (Not available in Number Bed™)
5. The mattress can be inclined (with a 3" or 6" foam wedge) at the head or foot end to aid in breathing disorders, blood circulation, acid reflux, arthritis, etc.
6. The mattress never needs to be rotated or flipped like a conventional spring mattress, eliminating a difficult and potentially injurious task.
7. Unhealthy stagnant underbed dust is eliminated by a dust-proof underbed dresser. (Not available with Number Bed™ or Tempurpedic™.)
Pure Health® Mattress is the only mattress that provides all these health benefits.
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