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Put a dresser under your existing bed.
Fits all bed styles and sizes.

SAVE SPACE - MONEY - UNDERBED CLEANING with beautiful, solid wood underbed dressers that will covert wasted space under all your beds to convenient storage. They're dust proof, thus ending routine underbed cleaning - forever! Replaces steel bed frame. Attaches directly to box spring or platform type beds. Has 6 or 12 drawers approx. 20" x 18" x 6" with precision drawer glides. A 6 ft. long center storage area at the foot of the bed can have optional 6' long end drawers. Aromatic cedar drawer liners that keep your clothes fresh and dry while repelling insects such as moths, are available. All exterior parts are solid pine or oak. Far stronger than steel bed frames. Totally eliminates box spring sagging. Fits all bed sizes, including two-piece box springs. Can also be used under platform or water beds. Available unfinished or stained. Can be completely hidden by bedspread or fully exposed as pictured. Headboard mounting brackets available for attaching your own headboard.

NOTE: Foot boards cannot be used. Unit size is 9"H x 74"L. Recessed for toe space at sides and end. Can be assembled by men and women of all ages. Made in U.S.A. Enjoy a 30-day home trial! Order online here, or order from catalog factory direct by mail or phone. Your order will be promptly shipped directly to you via UPS or Fed-Ex.

Email: ultimatebed@ultimatebed.com Phone: 800-851-9213 M - F 8-5 CST