Our STANDARD PLATFORM is used to support all mattress types and sizes. It attaches directly to the Underbed Dresser and replaces the box spring. A platform is generally (but not always) used with a 12 drawer Underbed Dresser to reduce bed height. The platform corners are trimmed and the edges are smooth (taped). The platform is made of strandboard (OSB) or plywood.
Top of platform to floor is: (On 6-drawer Underbed Dresser 9.5") (On 12-drawer Underbed Dresser 18.5") Platform is not necessary when using a box spring. NOTE: If you are ordering our bookshelf headboard, bedside tables, or Pure Health® mattress you must order our Deluxe Platform (C2).
Standard Platform
Bed Size Dimensions Strand Board Plywood
Twin 37W X 75L $71 $88
Double 52W X 75L $82 $106
Queen 58W X 79L $94 $124
Standard King 74W X 79L $106 $141
California King 70W X 83L $106 $141

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